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Weightlifting Competitions

Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation - Photography by Maxwell Alexander

In ancient times, testing of one’s manhood was done by weight lifting. They would lift heavy stones such as Bluestones of old Dailly, Dinnie Stones, and Inver stone to show the power moreover it was a matter of prestige to the tribal kingdom in ancient times.

Weightlifting Competitions
with Certified Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Considering the available facts, weightlifting competitions first began in Europe in the late 1880 and the champion of the competition was crowned in 1891. In those periods, there were no other subdivisions and the crown went to the man able to lift the maximum weight.

Weightlifting competition was clubbed as a part of athletics in 1896; however, weightlifting was excluded in the 1900 games. Again, the art of weight lifting was noticed in 1904, but the game was not included in the Olympics. However, in 1920, weight lifting has been accepted as a sport.

Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation - Photography by Maxwell Alexander
Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation – Photography by Maxwell Alexander

In those periods, the Olympics introduced some strange weightlifting programs such as one and two-handed lift with no weight division, however, rules where changed in 1932, and five subdivision has been established and form three discipline for the competition viz. snatch, press, and clean and jerk. In the snatch, the weightlifter lifts the weight above the head in one fast-uninterrupted movement however, in the second movement the weight is brought to the shoulders and after that, the weight is jerked upwards above the head.

Although, in the second movement the weights are lifted in two stages makes it easier and the lifted weights. Later in 1972, the press division was abolished and only the snatch and clean jerk where accepted as a sport and added to the Olympic discipline. As a revolution in 2000, it was introduced for women in this power event in Sydney.

Above all, weight lifting has been established to be very effective in increasing endurance. Weightlifting gained popularity in the 6th century in this period athletes lifted heavy stones, Later, this period came to be known as the “age of strength.” during this age, Milo of Crotona, a military hero a progressive weightlifting exercise.

In Greece, weight lifting was a very popular sport during the reign in the Olympic Games as well as the Chou dynasty (1122-249 BC), soldiers were required to undergo an endurance and strength test in order to gain enrollment into the army.

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