How to get into Bodybuilding - Tips by Certified Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Top 15 Ways to get into Bodybuilding

Everyone wants to build a body with 6-pack abs, arms, shoulders, back and thighs with strong muscles, and incredible energy. If you are such an ambitious individual and looking to build a strong and muscular body, you should understand that like many valuable achievements, a bodybuilder’s body can be gained through hard work. You have […]

Bodybuilding etiquette: Do not ask how many set one has left - it’s gross and unappealing

Bodybuilding Etiquette: The “How many set you’ve got left?” Question

We’ve all been there, you are in the zone going through your workout, all focused and pumped and the last thing you want is some hulk-looking testosterone-spitting angry face come up to you and ask that annoying “How many sets you’ve got?” question! Dude, we are all aware that there is a recommended limit on […]

4 common fitness myths debunked

4 common fitness myths debunked

4 common fitness myths debunked (BPT) – Weight-loss tips, fad diets and more — these days, they’re everywhere you look. And most of it is false information. In fact, the average American wrongly assumes a daily workout must be 95 minutes or more to be impactful, according to a new study conducted by Planet Fitness. […]