The History of Weight Lifting

The History of Weight Lifting

The history of weight lifting depicts that in the ancient period of prehistoric tribes has major importance, in that period the testing of manhood was done by weight lifting. They have lifted heavy stones such as Bluestones of old Dailly, Dinnie Stones, and Inver stone to show the power moreover it was a matter of […]

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Bodybuilding Magazines

When you are serious about bodybuilding, you will want to subscribe to a few bodybuilding magazines so that you can learn more about this great sport. Bodybuilding magazine offer so much information to both professionals as well as amateurs, that NOT subscribing to one is a huge mistake. Besides the obvious advice that the articles […]

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Bodybuilding Exercises

In a bodybuilding program, the exercises that you do can make all the difference between an effective program and one that wonít do much good. The good thing is that there are many, many bodybuilding exercises you can incorporate into your workout that will help grow your muscles and keep you fit and trim. For […]

Certified Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Bodybuilding Clothing

There are two categories of bodybuilding clothing that we can refer to. The first involves what you wear when you work out. The other is what to wear in a bodybuilding competition. The variety of bodybuilding clothing is a million dollar market filled with choices and possibilities. When you are doing your work out, the […]

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Weight Training in Bodybuilding

If you want to really concentrate on bodybuilding, weight training is an important part of your workout program. Weight training in bodybuilding is a very huge part of any exercise regimen, but it’s not the only part. However, when you have a strong weight training plan, your bodybuilding goals become easier to achieve. In order […]

Certified Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Get fit while building your body – Fitness through Bodybuilding

People undertake the sport of bodybuilding for all sorts of reasons, but fitness is probably the biggest one of all. There is no doubt that people who take the time to focus on the muscles in their body and honing them to a chiseled state are probably among the fittest of athletes. We can easily […]

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Foundational Bodybuilding Training – Sample Workout Session by Maxwell Alexander Fitness

MaxwellAlexander.Fitness | Wellness | Nutrition | Bodybuilding Foundational Training Phase – Day X – Sample Workout Session by MaxwellAlexander.Fitness The foundational phase is all about the form and improving exercise techniques + developing the flexibility, endurance, and strength while improving connective tissue, ligaments and tendons for the consecutive hypertrophy phase. I always recommend an athlete […]