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How to Get into Bodybuilding – Fitness Motivation with Coach Maxwell Alexander

How to Get into Bodybuilding – Fitness Motivation with Coach Maxwell Alexander

A spectacular body with six-pack abs, sculpted arms, shoulders, backs, and thighs, strong muscles, and tremendous energy is everyone’s dream. Those who are ambitious and wish to build a strong and muscular body should know that, like most valuable things, the strength of a bodybuilder’s body will only come with time and dedication. Your muscles need to recover the energy they lost during bodybuilding training by exercising, improving your nutrition, and taking ample rest. The following tips will help you achieve your dream of bodybuilding.

Top 15 Tips on getting into Bodybuilding – Fitness Motivation with Coach Maxwell Alexander – Presented by The Best Fitness Motivation Book

1. Get your motivation up

When you want to maintain interest and vision for your goals, it is necessary to motivate yourself daily, or at least once a few days. Doing otherwise will make this process more difficult and you will lose interest. If you need professional motivation advice, consider reading The Best Fitness Motivation Book by yours truly. I wrote this book knowing that fitness motivation is 99% of bodybuilding success and it’s the very first step in your journey to get the body of your dreams. You can also join my private photo gallery and get your testosterone-boosting bodybuilding motivation on there.

2. Compound Exercises

Ensure you perform compound exercises regularly and don’t ignore their importance. Maximizing muscle growth requires complex movements that engage most of your muscle cells. Isolated exercises are great when you already have a good muscle mass, but looking to chisel perfect proportions and build or trim specific areas.

3. Increase your strength

Focus on strengthening yourself. In this way, you will be able to perform the advanced bodybuilding exercises you need. There is no such thing as a weak bodybuilder. To become strong, you don’t have to be a powerlifter, but you must dramatically increase your strength level.

4. Start slow and easy

If you’re just starting out in bodybuilding, it’s not recommended to do an advanced workout. Beginners are at risk for back problems if they do advanced splits. For beginners, learning all the basic compound lifts first is recommended.

5. Don’t increase volume too fast at the beginning

A beginner will not benefit from adding volume too rapidly. Your muscle mass won’t increase to its maximum potential if, say, you train three times a week for three days without becoming strong. Before starting volume exercises, you must get strong and avoid overexerting the body with unlimited sets.

6. Strengthen your upper body

Strengthen your upper body like it’s a matter of life and death. You must work as hard on your shoulders, back, and chest as you do on your lower body and legs. In order to avoid overtraining the chest or the back, try doing both at the same time.

During all of these activities, it is crucial that you maintain a proper balance. This balance will make you healthy and strong, as well as help to reduce shoulder pain.

7. Understand the correct form and posture

While performing exercises, it is important to follow the right form. Your bodybuilding coach can tell you more about how to keep the right form or you can consult a reliable online exercise guide. Stay on top of each step and follow the instructions.

How to Get into Bodybuilding – Fitness Motivation with Coach Maxwell Alexander
How to Get into Bodybuilding – Fitness Motivation with Coach Maxwell Alexander