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Maxwell Alexander Fitness - the best Online Bodybuilding Coach
Designer Body - Bodybuilding Program by Maxwell Alexander

Get Your Designer Body™ with the best Online Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

More than 10 years in the making, my Designer Body™ Online Bodybuilding Program is finally here! Based on the bodybuilding science, state of the art mobile workout platform and all-natural nutrition strategy, this is a true breakthrough in the bodybuilding training of the new generation of world-class athletes.

Designer Body is a 24/7 technology-powered all-inclusive (exercise, nutrition, wellness, meditation, face-to-face coaching) online fitness training program that is specifically designed for each client based on their fitness level, bodybuilding goals, and medical conditions. It allows my clients to make bodybuilding an essential part of their life while achieving their Designer Body™ goals much faster, compared to any other programs.

This 1-year-long bodybuilding program is designed for You! Bodybuilding is not about big muscles, it is all about the beautiful, balanced and symmetrical silhouette that you see on the cover of a magazine. My program is designed to do just that! By the end of year one (if you follow the program) you will get your Designer Body™ and get the personal branding skills to get your game to the next level!

You will learn about the billion-dollar secret of the fashion industry and start leveraging the power of social media to achieve your bodybuilding goals while building your new globally recognized personal brand...

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Maxwell Alexander Fitness - the best Online Bodybuilding Coach
Designer Body - the Best Online Bodybuilding Program by Fitness Coach Maxwell Alexander