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Bodybuilding Etiquette: The “How many set you’ve got left?” Question

Bodybuilding etiquette: Do not ask how many set one has left - it’s gross and unappealing

We’ve all been there, you are in the zone going through your workout, all focused and pumped and the last thing you want is some hulk-looking testosterone-spitting angry face come up to you and ask that annoying “How many sets you’ve got?” question! Dude, we are all aware that there is a recommended limit on using each machine and there is no reason for you to come up to me and try to push me off the bench that way! I will not do my sets any faster or slower and chances are, if you leave and come back 3 minutes later, someone else will be there. Are you going to pest on the next person? All you are doing is messing with someone’s zen.

Should anyone be allowed to ask the “How many set you’ve got left?” question? No! The right thing for a bodybuilder is to never do such a thing!

Coming across as the macho man is so last year and rather makes you look like something in between a dinosaur and guerrilla, one has been extinct for centuries and another is about to do so, in any case, both have got no place at the gym! Additionally, do not try to stand there patiently waiting for someone to finish their set: go get some workout done instead. It’s the 21st century and there is more than one machine is available at your local gym. In case if you just want to chat with someone, approach them differently, with more of a happy look on your face.