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Bodybuilding Diet Tips by Maxwell Alexander

Bodybuilding and Fitness Photography - Maxwell Alexander - Certified Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach

In bodybuilding, your diet is one of the most effective weapons you can have if you want to achieve maximum potential. Diet is so important to the bodybuilder as it not only supplies the body with the energy needed to perform your exercises as well as giving you the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A good bodybuilding diet will include a lot of protein. It is critical for building muscle, losing fat, and contributing to the overall health of our tissues and organs. You should be consuming 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. Bodybuilders should increase that amount to a gram and a half per day. Good sources of protein include meat, fish, and milk.

Certified Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander
Certified Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Carbohydrates should also be a big part of the bodybuilding diet. Carbs are a major source of the fuel our body uses for activity. You should include complex carbohydrates in your diet through starches and fiber. That means eating pasta, whole grain rice, and whole-grain bread as well as potatoes.

Believe it or not, fats are also an important part of a bodybuilding diet. Our bodies need fats to function correctly and efficiently. They are an energy source for the body and regulate most of our bodily processes.

The key to including fat in your diet is to consume good fats as opposed to the bad one. Good fats are unsaturated ones found in olive oil or flaxseed oil. Unsaturated fats are ones that are liquid at room temperature. Saturated fats can clog your arteries and lead to health problems, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Animal lard and butter are saturated fats and are solid at room temperature.

You should also have adequate fiber in your bodybuilding diet. Fiber helps your body flush out impurities on a regular basis and helps contribute to weight loss. Some good sources of fiber are whole grain as well as nuts and seeds.

Finally, you will want to include a lot of vegetables in your diet as well as a moderate amount of fruit. Fruit can cause you to retain water and contribute to a larger amount of sugar that you would otherwise need. However, vegetables contain essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to operate efficiently.

A good bodybuilding diet is one that is balanced and nutritious. You should consume the majority of your protein and carbohydrates in the morning and eat five or six small meals daily instead of three large ones. A good diet is important to effective bodybuilding, so know what your body needs and then go for it.

If you are still debating about your bodybuilding nutrition strategy, you might want to consider working with one the best bodybuilding coach like myself. Bodybuilding coaches specialize in bodybuilding science rather than general fitness because many of the recommendations (especially like nutrition tips above) are designed for high-intensity bodybuilding training that requires a lot of energy. This wouldn’t be appropriate for someone who’s goal is fat/weight loss or many other general fitness goals. I look at it if bodybuilding training was the next level that you get to after your body is generally fit.

My ultimate goal is to coach you on how to live a life of victory and see the beautiful body that comes with it as a byproduct of feeling amazing while making better choices about your health and wellness.

Humans are creatures of habits and it’s the daily living routine that ultimately affects our body composition. Habits and motivation could be easier than you think and this is where my coaching plan differentiates from others. I won’t bore you with repetitive moves, exhausting cardio, complicated fitness jargon, plans, numbers, and tables… My strategies are based on the science of positive psychology. We will focus on making wellness, happiness, and fitness an essential part of your everyday life and your main source of energy, vitality, and success.

Check out my online or in-person bodybuilding programs at MaxwellAlexander.Fitness and let me help you to get in the best shape of your life!